Promoting Health and Wellbeing

At Tiddley tots we ensure that all aspects of food and drink promote the health and well being for the children in our care. All the meals served are prepared on the nursery premises and the menus are designed to be low in fat, salt and sugar. The menus are reviewed on a regular basis and have been approved by a dietician. Children have access to fresh fruit on a daily basis.

We’re constantly evolving the way we create our menus, and we regularly take on board feedback from children, parents, and staff in order to help us develop dishes that meet the needs of all of the children in our care.

The nursery takes a whole setting approach to healthy eating in order to improve the health of children, their families and staff. In our setting children will be provided with a range of opportunities to learn about food and make healthier food and drink choices.

Meals and snacks are seen as a fun opportunity to extend children’s learning in a social situation. When planning for children’s learning, meal and snack times are noted as an area to develop.

Children learn about the importance of eating five pieces of fruit and/or vegetables a day. They take part in cooking activities that are linked to the learning experiences given within the setting.