The Tiddley Tots Way

We aim to provide a” home from home” environment for our children; this will assist them in developing meaningful relationships with peers, adults and carers. We endeavour to imbue an ethos that takes into consideration the cultural and ethnic attitudes of our parents and children. The physical, emotional and psychological well being of children in our care is paramount and we will always endeavour to act within a framework that supports and enhances their welfare.

Encouraging Active Play
Teaching children to take pleasure in physical activity and incorporating exercise into their daily lives can assist them in being healthier in. Children will be given opportunities to run, jump, climb, and play throughout their day, with older kids being encouraged to take part in structured games and sports.

Facilitating Social Development
Kids discover a lot about how to interact with others whist they are in nurseries. By preschool, many have developed essential first friendships and are learning to value and appreciate the company of others. We encourage children’s social development by engaging them in group games and craft projects, seating children together for meals and snack times, and choosing activities that promote creative play. For older kids, teachers and helpers will help kids to develop compassion and understanding for others by reading books and leading discussions about emotions and behaviours.

Supporting Kids’ Educational Goals
Education is a big part of childhood and kids who are encouraged to prioritise learning will reap the rewards both in school and in the outside world. It’s important for kids to have fun at day care, but some of their time there should be spent on activities that support their intellectual development, helping them to do well from an academic standpoint. We aim to incorporate lessons into many of the activities in day care, even those that do not appear to be “educational” at first glance. For example, planting and tending a vegetable garden may seem like to children, but by engaging in such an activity, kids can learn a great deal.